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Welcome to the Balance the Grind product review section! Here, we carefully evaluate products that align with our core values of health, career success, social responsibility, and smart financial management.

Our reviews are straightforward and honest, helping you find the best tools and resources to achieve a well-balanced life. Whether it’s the latest in wellness, career advancement, sustainable living, or financial planning, we’ve got you covered with insights that matter to you.

Melrose Essential Greens

Steve’s review of Essential Greens is in, and he’s loving it! He found it boosted his gut health and energy, making it a must-try for anyone looking to jazz up their daily routine with a tasty, affordable green drink.

High Protein Coffee

Steve shares his experience with The Classy Brand’s High Protein Coffee, a unique blend that gives you your caffeine fix and protein boost in one tasty drink.

Red Bull Winter Edition Pear & Cinnamon

Enjoy a burst of energy with Red Bull Winter Edition Pear & Cinnamon, perfect for those cold days when you need a tasty boost!

Rippl Wave Canned Water

Make your hydration habit greener with Rippl’s crisp, refreshing water in a 100% recyclable can.

My Muscle Chef

From Chipotle Chicken to Chicken Vodka Penne, Hao Nguyen takes us through a review of My Muscle Chef, where taste meets health.


With Strava, every kilometre I run for Muay Thai is recorded, making it easier to see progress and stay motivated.

NOWAY Bodybalance Collagen Protein (Vanilla)

Finding balance with NOWAY BODYBALANCE Collagen in Vanilla has been a game-changer for my daily routine and muscle recovery.

Product Review: Founder (TV Series)

The series Founder offers a refreshing deep dive into the highs and lows of the startup ecosystem in Australia, showcasing the tenacity and ingenuity of its entrepreneurs.

Product Review: Lucent Globe

A refreshing splash of eco-conscious cleaning, Lucent Globe’s detergent sheets not only tackle tough stains but also serve as a daily testament to sustainable living.

Product Review: Aesthetics Rx

A daily dose of skin rejuvenation, this serum not only caters to sensitive skin but also unfolds as a daily treat of firmness and youthfulness.

Product Review: Whisky Loot

A perfect way to taste test high-quality spirits, it’s also like giving yourself a lip-smacking daily surprise.

Product Review: Peachy As Seltzer

Peachy As Seltzer is an alcoholic peach flavoured seltzer that is brewed in Sydney, Australia.

Product Review: Grumpy Bums

Grumpy Bums Muesli Cookie Mix is a wholesome bake mix with true ‘No Added Sugar’, making it the perfect snack for kids!

Product Review: The Jojoba Company

Pairing powerhouse plant-based ingredients with scientific breakthroughs, The Jojoba Company craft clinically proven skincare that is clean and safe for your skin.

Product Review: Dsmile

Dsmile is a subscription based dental kit. Their products are intelligently designed and are produced using renewably-sourced materials wherever possible.

Product Review: Beforeyouspeak Coffee

Beforeyouspeak Coffee is infused with next-level superfoods to naturally improve your health, wellbeing and performance.