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Product Review: Beforeyouspeak Coffee

Over a billion people drink coffee daily, with over 2 billion cups consumed each day. That’s over 12% of the 7.68 billion people worldwide. The US leads with 63% of its population drinking coffee every day, followed closely by Germany. However, when it comes to coffee per capita, Scandinavia takes the lead, with Finland, Norway, and Iceland topping the charts, followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Given this global love affair with coffee, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are drawn to the coffee business, seeking to innovate. From the plethora of unique offerings in the UK to various milk alternatives and the trend of adding butter, the market is ripe with innovation. Among these, Before You Speak (BFYS) truly stands out.

My first encounter with BFYS was on a Fijian island in October 2019, just before the pandemic struck. After a grand celebration for a friend’s birthday, I was up at dawn, not feeling my sharpest, preparing for a deep-sea fishing trip. A companion offered me a sachet of BFYS’s OG blend, claiming it was like six coffees in one. Though skeptical, I took it and felt a marked improvement in my energy and focus—much more so than my friend, who had declined the offer.

Four years on, I faithfully consume the OG Coffee, sometimes two sachets a day, but usually just one. Infused with Turmeric, MCT Oil, and Siberian Ginseng, it surpasses ordinary coffee in delivering energy and focus. Its sweet taste—remarkably without sugar or sweeteners—is entirely natural. I’ve become a walking ambassador for the brand, often sharing sachets from my laptop bag with potential new aficionados.

BFYS now offers a variety of blends, including one with Collagen for skin health and another, the Thermo, designed to boost metabolism. While I enjoy these, the OG remains my favourite. There’s even a Decaf option for those seeking relaxation. The brand has expanded to offer whole beans for home brewing and a new Collagen Complex range I’m eager to try. I’ve even indulged in some of their merchandise and regularly peruse their blog for recipes and tips.

My orders are on auto-delivery, ensuring I’m never without my fix. It’s a hassle-free service that suits my lifestyle perfectly. And the good news for coffee lovers around the globe is that BFYS is now available internationally. Though I’ve never met the founders, Jaryd & Ash, their commitment to quality product, marketing, and customer service is evident.

For those who treasure their daily brew, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting My enthusiasm hasn’t waned since that first sachet; if anything, it’s grown—testament to the product’s lasting impact.

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Steve Grace is the CEO & Founder of The Nudge Group; the Co-Founder of TNG Media; CEO of Balance the Grind; and the Creator and Host of the Give It A Nudge video podcast.