Product Reviews

Glow and Tell with Aesthetics Rx: The Vitamin C Serum 23% Effect

I’ve been using this product for about 8-9 weeks now. As stated in the directions of use, apply every second morning, until your skin is ready for daily use. I’m typically a “sensitive skin type” so I followed the instructions carefully and was able to use them daily after about 3 weeks.

Initially, the product felt a bit sticky, however that may be due to my using too much product in the one application. With one pump, it glides on easily and isn’t sticky. Whilst it’s “fragrance free” there is a slight smell to this product however, not at all offensive. 

Although, I had a few small breakouts in the early days of use. (Perhaps my skin is adjusting) I love the results of this product after 2 months. My skin is certainly firmer and fine lines have visibly minimised. Actually, a friend of mine who I’ve not seen in months asked what I was using on my face or if I’d had Botox as my skin was so good and looked “younger” so that was a clear sign it was working! Of course, I pointed her towards Aesthetics Rx products!

I would definitely recommend using this serum in conjunction with the RX moisturiser as, without additional hydration I found my foundation application and coverage to be blotchy and my skin tight. Once the moisturiser was incorporated, it was great. 

Overall, for $119 this is a great product. Results for me were better than I expected. Adding the moisturiser for an additional $99 makes for an easy and effective morning routine that works. 

It’s a yes from me.