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Product Review: Dsmile

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. Usually, I’m not big on packaging, but Dsmile emphasises how recyclable it is, which eases my eco-conscious mind. A notable mention: the toothbrush heads are recyclable too. Nice touch!

The box surprised me with its contents: a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash concentrate, a mouthwash bottle, and a tray for storage, all in a sleek light grey. They even threw in mint and bubble-gum toothpaste flavours alongside the wild berry one I ordered.

Focusing on the toothpaste (since that’s the core product), I adore its packaging. The sleek plastic bottle retains its shape and is conveniently sized for travel. The traditional roll-up tubes feel archaic in comparison. After testing each flavour for a week, here’s my take:

  • Mint: Expectedly minty but not overpoweringly so. The consistency feels luxurious.
  • Bubble-gum: Not my cup of tea, but kids (like my daughter) might fancy it.
  • Wild Berry: An absolute delight. It’s a refreshing change from the usual minty pastes.

Beyond the toothpaste, the floss stands out. Its slightly broader design feels effective without being too waxy. The case is user-friendly, and its refillable design promotes less waste – thumbs up from me. The toothbrush’s unique split design reduces waste by only replacing the head, and it’s perfect for travel.

The mouthwash, though, needs some tweaking. The idea of a concentrate is innovative, aiming to reduce waste. But the execution? Mixing 20-30 drops daily isn’t my thing. I gave it a go but didn’t revisit.

The tray, while aesthetically pleasing, isn’t practical for my storage preferences. It’s too wide for my cupboard, and I prefer countertop-free spaces.

In conclusion, Dsmile offers impressive products. The design, taste, and eco-friendly approach deserve praise. While I have reservations about the mouthwash and tray, I’m all in for the toothpaste. I recommend giving it a whirl!

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