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Product Review: Grumpy Bums

  • Banana & Muesli Cookie Mix
  • AU$14.50
  • Makes 13 cookies

Grumpy Bums was founded by food scientist (and mum) Jo Leontiades. Jo knows the challenges parents face with giving their kids treats so she set out to create a range of delicious treats for kids with real ingredients, sweet enough to satisfy any little sugar monster but without the added sugar and nasties.

I set off on a cooking journey with my daughter. We love to bake. She was super excited by the packaging, loved the little happy character and the fact it was juggling cookies and bananas. We laughed about the dance the character was doing. When we opened the packaging, again “little miss baker” was excited to see the apple and strawberry fruit pouch, something she gets in her lunchbox once in a while. 

The preparation was quite easy and only required 3.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 45 ml of water. Then the fun bit – rolling heaped teaspoons of mixture into balls with our hands. After 23 mins in the oven, they came out smelling amazing, the trickiest part was waiting for them to cool down so we could try them. I personally loved the taste and texture. 

They were delicious and went perfectly with a cup of tea! My little baking assistant did wish they were a “bit sweeter” and did say they seemed “very healthy” but she did go back for seconds. So I think the proof is right there. YUM!

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