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Product Review: Peachy As Seltzer

So I am not going to lie, I am not a massive seltzer drinker, I did have a period last year when they all came flooding onto the market and I tried them all, and they without question have a place in the market. When you have had enough beer, or wine is simply too much and you don’t have a drink, seltzer fills the gaps, and they do it well. 

They are freshening and easy to drink and the perfect summer afternoon companion. It is also nice to see some new alcoholic drinks come out. I am certainly not knocking the non- or low alcohol sector. It is booming, but there have not been many new drinks on the other side of the fence.

The fact that George and Rory were not only able to create and launch a drink in under 12 months is astounding, and just in time for summer! They say it is designed for the Gen Z crowd, which I am sad to say I am not, but I am always a huge fan of anything that has come from humour and happiness and this certainly has. The branding and marketing are simply excellent, I love the playfulness of it. 

They sent us some samples to the Balance the Grind office and we all grabbed one on a Thursday afternoon, the drink itself is super light and super easy to drink, being sugar free is also huge. I have found other seltzer to be super sweet which means you can only really have 1 or 2 but this one is not; with all natural sweeteners you could probably drink more than you should. 

The peach taste itself is very subtle, which I also like, but we got them in cans, which I liked but I did find it tasted better in a glass (yes I tried both, this was supposed to be a review and I thought I should). Overall this is a hot summer afternoon drink, easy to take down the beach, park, throw in an esky and will go down super easily setting up your afternoon.

I know there are a number of venues selling across Sydney Eastern Suburbs and the odd bottle shop and I am sure with this hot summer coming the peach taste and the cheeky marketing will get these boys going and I am looking forward to seeing what other drinks they produce in the coming years.

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