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Product Review: The Jojoba Company

The packaging of the Jojoba products is stunning, crisp white packaging, with hints of yellow and eye-catching gold. The product instantly feels high-end and luxurious. I love that all Jojoba products are free from chemicals and “synthetic nasties”, this is a big thing I look for. 

My skin is maturing, a few fine lines are creeping in, and some uneven skin tone. After winter especially, I feel my skin requires some extra hydration. I have always had quite sensitive skin, so am extremely nervous about trying new products as on several occasions, I haven’t reacted well.

Ultimate Serum with Firming Collagen, HA & Ameliox – for under $70 I was impressed with this Serum. I applied after cleansing morning and, night and it was super lightweight and easy to apply. A little bit goes a long way, so the 30ml bottle will last quite a while. It has a subtle fragrance that is divine.  

After one week, I feel my skin is softer and the fine lines are starting to smooth. I look forward to the results improving after a few more weeks of use. Overall, in comparison to other firming serums I’ve tried, this is at the top of my list.  

Ultimate Youth Potion with CoQ10 & L22 – This product retails for $46.95 for 50ml. I applied this product after the serum had been absorbed again morning and in the evening. Once again, the fragrance is beautiful, not over-powering, and naturally floral.

I would say use sparingly as initially I used two pumps and felt quite oily after application. It certainly boosts hydration which I needed. I would say, if applying foundation after application, give it 5 minutes so that the potion has time to properly absorb, I learned this quickly as my foundation almost slid off when I didn’t wait.

It is a lovely product and my skin feels great. After a weeks’ use I have no signs of reaction, breakouts or, irritation. My skin feels smooth and soft and, perhaps a little more even in tone.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Jojoba products I tried. They are of great quality and Australian-Made and Owned.