How to hack your stress, avoid burnout and take control of your mind before it controls you.

A bite-sized course for busy high-achievers who want to effectively manage their
stress so they can be happier, calmer and more productive in everyday life.

Do you feel like you’re spinning a lot of plates and it’s only a matter of time until they fall?

If you’re reading this then you are probably a super-busy individual who takes pride in your work, but it’s starting to take a toll on you. Juggling the pressure of your career, personal responsibilities and everyday life can build up layers of stress, without releasing what’s already there. It’s only a matter of time until it all explodes!

This can have a severe impact on your happiness and productivity to the point where you’re unable to perform your daily duties. This can result in burnout, feelings of depression, and significant physical health issues.

What if you could quickly take control, calm your mind and operate at your peak level without spending hours meditating?

This course dispels the myth that you need to be still for hours in order to calm yourself down. You’ll learn how the simple and incredibly effective techniques that hack your stress response and relax your nervous system in a matter of minutes. You won’t just learn about stress, you’ll have practical tools you can use every single day to be your best self and avoid burnout.

Be Less Reactive

Take back control of your mind and mood so you can properly respond to stress instead of over reacting.

Improve Performance

Perform at a higher level in every area of your life by improving your self awareness and mental fitness.

Get Instant Relief

These strategies allow you to quickly calm down and stop stress in its tracks before it gets a lot worse.

Save $100 and get started right away.

“It’s a no brainer, you just have to do it. Everybody goes through stress and what you learn in this course will have a huge impact in your life going forward.”


“The most valuable thing I learned was the science behind stress. Now I can really understand what my body is doing and how it’s reacting when I’m under pressure.”


From stressed out and highly reactive to calm, calculated and conscious.

This course is designed for business owners, executives, students, busy parents and anyone else that wants to conquer their stress so they can feel happier and perform at a higher level. Learn directly from your instructor Nicole Monteforte, who’s on a mission to help others consistently perform at their peak level without burning themselves out or compromising their values. If you want to make a real difference in what you do for yourself and others, this will likely be the best $49.95 you’ll ever spend.

Meet your instructor

Nicole Monteforte


Hi, I’m Nicole! I’ve spent the last 15 years as a single mum, a C-Suite Executive, Founder and Speaker that has led many companies across multiple sectors to success. I have spent my entire career igniting others to become power houses in both work and life.

And like you, I was a stressed out high-performer! I’ve made this course to give you the stress hacking techniques that have saved my life during 10 years of hardship, trauma and a chronic illness.

This hasn’t just worked for me, it has worked for countless clients and it can help you too. I want to show you how you can handle anything and come out feeling like you are winning again.

This isn’t touchy feely fluff, this is purposeful and enhancement-boosting work.

 This course gets straight to the point with bite-sized action items that are backed by science and biology. Author of “Stuff Yoga & Learn to Scream”, Nicole is about practical difference-makers, not vague airy fairy methods.

The Truth About Stress

Understand about stress cycles, what a stress reaction is and how to recognise your stress signals.

A Chemical Cocktail

Learn what actually happens in your body during a stress reaction and what chemicals get released.

Know Thyself

Learn about the consequences that stress has on self awareness and what you can do about it.

Hack Your Stress (Part 1)

Learn the most important stress hack that will change your life forever.

Hack Your Stress (Part 2)

Meet your stress hack coaches and receive tools from each of them so you can be prepared.

Putting It Into Practice

How and when these stress hacking tools can be used in your everyday life… starting now!

What You Get For Only $49.95

6 x easy to follow modules

6 x course modules with 31 video lessons from Nic Monteforte. Each video is a short-sharp lesson focused on you taking action and moving forward.

6 x stress hacking techniques

6 stress hacking techniques from stress coachings with both personal and professional experience.

8 x interactive worksheets

Every lesson comes with a worksheet, and an action step so that you can always keep moving forward… just fill in the blanks! We’ve got you covered.

Discounted pricing of $49.95AUD

To celebrate the launch of this course you can currently get it for a discounted price of $49.95. Act quickly, because the price will go up in the future!

“The best $49.95 you’ll ever spend.”

Pay once, benefit forever.
Total $49.95AU