Naomi Rheinberger’s Self-Care Routine: “Being well rested is a superpower and it’s one I recharge daily.”

Naomi Rheinberger is the Global Marketing & Communications Director at VANITY GROUP, an Australian company that curates, markets, manufactures and distributes an ensemble of leading bathroom amenities within the hospitality industry.

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What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is taking intentional time to check in with myself and acknowledge how I’m feeling mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s a proactive and disciplined act of love for myself. 

How do you know when you’re feeling stressed or burnt out?

Ironically, when I’m feeling burnt out I tend to overcompensate with work! The more hours I put in, the less hours I have to check in and acknowledge how I’m feeling. 

Funnily enough, my stomach is also the matriarch of my body – my food intolerances flare up when I’m stressed!

Do you have a regular self-care routine? If so, what does it look like?

I’d love to share my self-care secret sauce! Sleep above everything! I’m adamant whoever coined the term “sleep is for the weak” had a short and unfulfilling life. Being well rested is a superpower and it’s one I recharge daily. 

“Battery” check. At the end of every week I check in with myself to see where my “battery” is sitting and what I need to do to feel fully charged. Some of the questions I ask myself are: is there anything I need to let go of? Do I need to be surrounded by people or find comfort in solitude? Am I feeling inspired or drained – what can I do about it? I adapt my environment to suit what I need the most.

Daily movement. When I move my body I’m more alert, more creative and know nothing in my day will be as challenging as the workout I’ve put my mind and body through.

Mindfulness. It isn’t uncommon for me to take a “mindful five” in the middle of the day – or whenever I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.  Whether it’s breathing work, calling a friend, or just feeling the sun on my skin, I never regret taking time to be present. 

Communication. I’m forthcoming with friends, family, and colleagues on when I need time to recharge and enter my own real life “flight mode”.  I’m fortunate to have mentors across different areas of my life who give me the space to download how I’m feeling and act as a soundboard when I need to work through something.

What bumps you off your self-care routine and how do you get back on course?

I try to not treat self-care as something I need to find balance on or adhere to a regimented routine. It sets me up for disappointment if I don’t hit my self-imposed “self-care KPIs”! 

During my battery checks, I’m conscious of not labelling my emotions as “good” or “bad” and instead ask if they are being effective for me. Being less judgemental is my work in progress!

Where do you go for inspiration, ideas or tools for self-care?

I’m obsessed with the self-care tactics of others! I live by the mantra of we don’t know what we don’t know and live in a permanent state of curiosity. 

Podcasts are brilliant – a few of my favourites would be Huberman Lab, On Purpose with Jay Shetty and Better For It with Katie Williams. Outside of podcasts, I proactively seek out the self-care routines of those who I admire for inspiration. I’d encourage everyone to make self-care dinner table chat!

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