Nhi Hemingway’s Self-Care Routine: “The first thing to go is my patience.”

Nhi Hemingway is the Head of Content, Community & Partnerships at Llama Life, a productivity tool designed to help you increase focus to get stuff done, not just make never-ending lists.

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What does self-care mean to you? 

Honestly, I think I am still discovering this. I think when you’re younger, your needs naturally come first, but as we get older, you start a family, you progress at work, your friendships evolve, it’s easy for you to put others first. I think essentially it’s understanding that if I don’t look after myself, then I can’t possibly give others the best version of me. You try to be everything to everyone and it gets exhausting.

How do you know when you’re feeling stressed or burnt out?

The first thing to go is my patience! Things that don’t or normally wouldn’t stress me out, start to. It starts snowballing from there! I’ve become more self aware early on. It’s important to catch it early and start paying attention to what’s going on mentally, emotionally, and physically. The alarms are there, you just have to listen. 

Do you have a regular self-care routine? If so, what does it look like?

I love taking 10 minutes at the start and end of the day to do my skincare routine. It’s something that I do completely for myself. 

I’ve also started doing reformer pilates weekly, which I absolutely love.

I go for walks and switch off. I cook my lunch most days. I love gardening!

What bumps you off your self-care routine and how do you get back on course?

Could be a multitude of things. Life happens! The kids getting sick always throws our world into chaos. Not being able to fit in my daily walk, eating unhealthily too often, feeling stretched. 

What do you think you need to improve in terms of your self-care practice?

Self care is crucial so scheduling in the time, like I do a work meeting, really helps. Also, sticking to it! 

And prioritising it like I do other people’s wellbeing. 

Stop rushing between everything and taking time and enjoying the moment rather than thinking of what’s next.

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