Nicole Monteforte’s Self-Care Routine: “I get really bad decision fatigue.”

Nicole Monteforte is a performance coach, leader, health & wellbeing expert and author with an enduring passion for making an impact on the success of others – in business and in life.

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What does self-care mean to you?

It means losing the guilt of needing time out during difficult times and allowing yourself to take the time with no negative thinking attached. It means doing the things that make you feel good during those time outs whether it’s watching a movie, having a nap, going for a walk or turning the technology off for a few hours. It’s the guilt that prevents self-care from actually doing what it’s meant to do. If we have feelings of guilt then we are only fueling the fires of stress and burnout.

How do you know when you’re feeling stressed or burnt out?

I get really bad decision fatigue. This means that even the smallest decisions, like what to have for dinner or whether I should go for a walk in one direction or another become decisions I can’t make, and I end up in a loop in my head. This is when I know I am stressed and burnt out. My ability to decide anything becomes severely affected.

Do you have a regular self-care routine? If so, what does it look like?

Absolutely I do. I practice Vedic meditation (also known as transcendental meditation) twice a day for 20min in the morning and early evening, I exercise everyday before I start my work day and I cook with music on which really soothes my soul.

What bumps you off your self-care routine and how do you get back on course?

Feeling like everything is urgent and has to happen now us what bumps me off course, meaning getting too stuck in the ‘always have to be doing’ mindset and not taking a step back to see that a break of an hour is not going to affect the outcome of whatever I am working on. Basically getting stuck being a human doing not a human being.

Where do you go for inspiration, ideas or tools for self-care?

I go to a couple of very special friends, my Vedic Master (teacher) I am a student of Vedic Philosophy at the moment, I have a group of podcasts that I am obsessed with at the moment that I listen to everyday and the mountains when the snow falls (nature), I can always find inspiration being part of this amazing planet we are lucky to live on.

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