Work-Life Balance Interviews

From CEOs to independent musicians, startup founders to software developers, performance coaches to marketing managers, creative directors to product managers, we talk to everyone about how they balance the grind in their own unique way.

Since our launch, we’ve interviewed over 1,000 people about work-life balance, remote & distributed work, home offices, company cultures, daily routines, workspace design and plenty more.

Here are just a few highlight interviews to get you started. You can check out the latest conversations here.

Work-life balance interviews with startup founders & entrepreneurs

Wendy Bezzina, CEO of Latrobe Valley Enterprises
Adrienne Tan, Co-Founder & CEO of Brainmates
Sabrina Bethunin, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of MadeComfy
Adie Robertson, CEO of Wonderland Skin Spa
George Hedon, Founder & CEO of Pause Fest
Drew Sterrett, Co-Founder & CEO of LEX
Domm Holland, Co-Founder & CEO of Fast
Sean Melis, CEO & Founder of bot•hello
Stefan Vetter, Founder of Wortspiel & Friendly
Kyle Ladewig, Founder & CEO of Out Of Office
Ellen Chisa, Co-Founder & CEO of Dark
Andrew Conner, Co-Founder at Levels
Diony McPherson, Co-Founder & COO at Paperform
Chris Coyier, Co-Founder at CodePen
Alison Goodger, Founder of Alkira Skincare
Melissa Rosenthal, Co-Founder at Circle
Lauren Calvert, Founder & Director of The Well-Suited Group
Lauren Dare, Founder of Switcharoo

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I sincerely believe that allowing your employees to work remotely and around their own schedules is empowering and sends a very clear message — we value you and your time, we trust you to get the work done and understand that you have your own life outside of our four walls.

Alex Zaccaria // Co-Founder of Linktree

Work-life balance interviews with CEOs

Alaina Percival, CEO & Board Chair at Women Who Code
Nick Morgan, Co-Founder & CEO of Vudoo
Arun Maharaj, CEO at HashChing
Michael Tamblyn, CEO at Rakuten Kobo
Katie King, CEO of AI in Business
David Boyd, Co-Founder & CEO of Kickback
Lorena Sumich, CEO & Co-Founder of KIXXFIT
Monica Limanto, CEO & Co-founder of Petsy
Simon Murphy, Founder & CEO of RefLIVE
Om Suthar, Founder & CEO of SQRL
Anja Bump, Founder & CEO at Twofold
James Le Compte, CEO of To’ak Chocolate

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Rather than fine tuning work-life balance per say, I think it is more important to work on finding joy throughout your workday. It’s essential to find joy in what we do, whether it’s a longer lunch break, starting a project you really want to do, or walking the additional mile to your favourite coffee shop. If it lifts your mood, I consider that a win.

Natalie Nguyen // Co-Founder & CEO of Hyper Anna

Work-life balance interviews with software engineers & developers

Daniel Bourke, Machine Learning Engineer, Writer & Teacher
Karl Hughes, Founder of
Cassidy Williams, Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify
Joe Birch, Senior Engineer II at Buffer
Pedro Carrasco, Senior iOS Software Engineer at Doist
Jeremiah Lee, Engineering Manager at InVision
Pamela Assogba, Systems Engineer at Vox Media
Mark Palfreeman, UI Engineer at Microsoft
Victoria Gonda, Android Engineer at Buffer
Artur Piszek, Cognitive Engineer at Automattic
Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager at Buffer
Greg Sherwin, Senior Principal Engineer at Farfetch

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Work–life balance to me means having emotional energy and mental capacity at the end of the day to be fully present with the people I love and to be able to do something I care about for reasons other than my livelihood.

Jeremiah Lee // Engineering Manager at InVision

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Work-life balance interviews with designers

Ana Ferreira, Head of Design at Doist
Mark Uraine, Design Director at Automattic
Jonas Downey, Design Team Lead at Basecamp
Khoi Vinh, Senior Director of Product Design at Adobe
Jordan Hughes, Design Lead at UpGuard
Alex Muench, Product Designer at Doist
Chengsu Chen, Product Designer at Facebook
Dan Ingham, Head of Creative at Sydney Opera House
Nick Doherty, Senior Designer at Atlassian
Desiree Garcia, Senior Product Designer at Automattic
Janelle Hitz, Senior Visual Designer at Disney+
Dineth Mapa, Design Manager at Airbnb
Lacey Schwartz, Design Lead at Powered by We for WeWork
Amy Ridley, Content Designer, Experience Design at Gensler
Cesar Idrobo, Head Pattern & Sample Maker at YEEZY

Take more breaks. Let your mind wander from time to time. Seek the silence and listen to your body. I wish more companies would show more trust towards their teammates and allow people to work remotely more often. Break up your tasks and plan your week if you can. Most importantly, if you can, find meaningful work that matters to you.

Alex Muench // Product Designer at Doist

Work-life balance interviews with freelancers

Sofia Levin, Food & Travel Journalist
Lucinda Starr, Freelance Writer & Blogger
Jefferey Spivey, Freelance Writer, Author & Blogger
Lisa Cugnetto, Freelance Writer & Editor
Claire Mueller, Freelance Brand Creative
Milly Stilinovic, Freelance Journalist
Eleanor Aldridge, Editor & Writer
Philippa Moore, Freelance Writer & Editor
Naydeline Mejia, Freelance Writer & Content Creator

I’m a big believer in the power of words. If one puts pressure on themselves to achieve balance, doesn’t that have the potential to achieve the opposite? As a freelancer, it’s a luxury to be busy.

Sofia Levin // Food & Travel Journalist

Work-life balance interviews with coaches

Danielle Buckley, Coaching and Consulting Psychologist
Tina Tower, High Performance Business Coach
Emmaline Raggatt, Co-Founder at Mirrored Horizons
Karen Williams, Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Writer
Shannah Kennedy, Executive Life Strategist
Sonia Motum, Mindset Coach & Mentor
Alana Bennett, Human Experience Fanatic & Coach
Adriele Parker, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategist & Career Coach
Cassandra Goodman, Activator, Coach & Strategic Advisor

Truthfully, I prefer to think of it as work-life integration rather than balance. My work is something that I’m deeply passionate about, it’s part of me, so naturally there’s a lot of overlap between my “work” and “life.”

Adriele Parker // Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategist & Career Coach

Work-life balance interviews with with musicians

Corina Corina, Independent Singer-Songwriter & Blogger
J57, Rapper-Producer & Record Label Owner
Ervin Mitchell, Independent Rapper & Songwriter
Ricky, Baltimore-based Boyband
Nick Carter Green, Musician, Designer & Creative Director
The Teeta, Austin-based Independent Musician

I think that I’m still trying to find my way. So I can’t really say. I think that it’s okay to not have it down pat. We’re all learning. We’re all striving to kind of just be better with the balance because it’s difficult to achieve.

Nick Carter Green // Musician, Designer & Creative Director

Work-life balance interviews with product managers

Yana Yushkina, Product Manager at Google
Alex Reeve, Product Manager at LinkedIn
Owen Wallis, Senior Product Manager at Atlassian
Raffaela Bethke, Product Manager at Hyper Anna
Iana Guzhyk, Product Manager at Merch38
Luke Hefson, Product Manager at GitHub
Lucie Kasna, Product Manager at Subly
Daniella Corricelli, Senior Product Manager at VMware
Oleh Zaychenko, Senior Product Manager at Splice

One idea that has always resonated with me is that we don’t serve anyone by playing small. So don’t be afraid to place ambitious bets on yourself – and go all in on making them succeed.

Yana Yushkina // Product Manager at Google

Work-life balance interviews with HR & culture professionals

Marcus Waterreus, Chief People & Culture Officer at Openpay
Adele Moynihan, Director of Recruiting at Antler
Alex Hattingh, Chief People Officer at Employment Hero
Jacqui Bradler, Chief People Officer at Bondi Sands
Sarah Gatehouse, Head of People & Culture at Fujitsu General ANZ
Liam McNally, Diversity & Inclusion Partner at GitLab
Lauren Johnson, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Talent
Dionne Niven, Global Head of People at SiteMinder
Diana Nadebaum, Chief People Officer at Opteon
Jaclyn Majarich, Employer Brand Manager at Optus
Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder
James Bates, Head of Recruitment at Hyper Anna
Monica Watt, Chief Human Resources Officer at ELMO Software
Anna Wenngren, VP People & Culture at SafetyCulture
Adele Moynihan, Director of Recruiting at Antler

I know that I’ll be able to give 100% at work if I’ve taken the time to switch off. I know I need that down-time to recharge my batteries. I’ve experienced burnout before, and it’s not fun. I know when I’m reaching my peak and I need to take a step back and re-assess my priorities.

Jaclyn Majarich // Employer Brand Manager at Optus