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Top 26 Podcasts You Can Listen to About Work, Life & Balance

Podcasts are all the rage now so Balance the Grind decided to compile a list of the 26 best podcasts to listen to that talk about work, life and balance.

From remote work to entrepreneurship, health & fitness to creativity, side hustles to corporate business interviews, these are the top 26 podcasts that cover everything you need to inject some daily work-life balance inspiration into your life.

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Rework will help anyone find a better way to improve their business time and their working operations. A podcast that is filled with stories from various business owners, including people like the co-founders of Basecamp, advocates for calm in the workplace. A fantastic place for anyone starting their own business to find ample inspiration moving forward.

Highlight episode: The Cult of Overwork

The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

For those find it hard to get creative, the Chase Jarvis LIVE Show is a must-listen to. This is a great podcast that gets into the minds of the most inventive and creative people who are alive today, speaking to award-winning experts and entrepreneurs about what insights they can offer. A must-listen for those needing some inspiration.

Highlight episode: Finding Stillness In A Fast Paced World with Ryan Holiday

Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg

Get amazing insight and advice from the co-founder of WordPress to understand what the future of the working world is likely to evolve into. A great solution for learning from the best, with many advantages given about the world of distributed work and global recruitment.

Highlight episode: Episode 16 – Glitch CEO Anil Dash on Strengthening Values in a Distributed Startup

Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a brilliant starting place for many people who just want a bit of help in understanding how to make the most of their entrepreneurial talents. Many people can struggle with this, and EoF looks to help you with some great ideas about everything from culture-building to marketing.

Highlight episode: Building a Business on Sleep with Matteo Franceschetti


A fantastic place for many people who want to get fitter than ever, you get advice from biomedical science expert Rhonda Patrick as she breaks down the vital factors in living the best life that you possibly can. A must-listen for anyone with ideas about increasing their personal healthspan.

Highlight episode: Dr. Matthew Walker on Sleep for Enhancing Learning, Creativity, Immunity, and Glymphatic System

Foundr Podcast

Foundr is hosted by Nathan Chan, who runs amazing interviews with some of the smartest people in the business industry today. Loaded with critical insight and viewpoints that you might not come across on any other platform. An absolute must-use for anyone who is serious about long-term improvement in business.

Highlight episode: Zero to $10 Million in 4 Years: How King Kong’s Sabri Suby Went from Work-at-Home Consultant to Booming Agency Founder

Good Life Project

From interviews with Jonathan Fields to Elizabeth Gilbert, the Good Life Podcast is inspiring in the extreme. You will get to hear from people who have genuinely changed the world to some of the most intelligent people in their fields talking about their stories and what made their success possible.

Highlight episode: David Heinemeier Hansson | A Different Lens on Work

HBR IdeaCast

If you feel like you struggle to innovate, you should listen to this tremendous podcast. Each episode is hosted by Alison Beard and/or Curt Nickisch, who will give you some tremendous insight into how businesses cam to be, and how some of the most exciting innovations of our time were made possible.

Highlight episode: Why Meetings Go Wrong (And How to Fix Them)

Impact Theory

Impact Theory, hosted by Tom Bilyeu, is all about giving people the chance to learn about the most successful people on the planet. It taps into their mind-set and gives you all manner of useful ideas about helped them to achieve success in the fields they’ve tackled throughout their personal and professional lives.

Highlight episode: #159 Chamillionaire on How He Hustled to Become a Successful Investor

The Indie Hackers Podcast

Listen to the founders of independent businesses that have grown to a whole new level. Great for inspiring you to write your own story and to see how some truly special ideas came to be so widely accepted across the globe and achieved such long-term success.

Highlight episode: Becoming Indistractable as a Founder with Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked

Longform Podcast

Longform is a really interesting podcast that shows you some of the finest non-fiction content from across the internet. It’s been going for over ten years, and now covers fiction as well. a great solution for people to get insight from articles over 2,000 words in length found online.

Highlight episode: #380 – Ronan Farrow

Love Your Work

Loving our jobs can seem like a challenge, but this podcast is all about helping you to see your own productivity and really pushing to understand the depth of your own value. A tremendous listen, with best-selling author David Kadavy helping you to find the inspiration you need to really take things to the next level.

Highlight episode: 183. Cal Newport: More Good Tech. Less Bad Tech. Digital Minimalism.

More Beach Meetings

Trying to find a new way to work remotely? Or to build a more ethical company culture? Then this is a podcast you need. Loaded with useful information and advice that any business owner could put to use, improving their corporate and professional culture.

Highlight episode: Company culture comes before revenue when hiring remotely

The Peter Attia Drive Podcast

Weekly podcast that focused on everything from critical thinking to our health. It’s a tremendously popular podcast and is managed by NIH-trained physician Dr. Peter Attia. Full of information that can help you to feel better physically and mentally, using applied science to show you how method has the best chance of working.

Highlight episode: #55 – Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL, Part I of II: objective, strategy & tactics, leadership, protocols, dealing with death, and applying the many lessons learned from war

The Primal Blueprint Podcast

With over 400 episodes so far, the Primal Blueprint Podcast is a great place to learn from some very interesting people. It’s full of useful strategies and ideas that can improve your health, your productivity, your timekeeping, and so much more about your own personal life long-term.

Highlight episode: Fitness Philosophy, Being Patient, Getting Back in Shape, Carb/Fasting Strategies

The Remote Show

Dedicated to anyone who wishes to start working from a more remote location. All about making it possible, showing you how it can work in your favour, and helping you to fully appreciate the challenges which are often involved in making such a decision. Great for anyone intending to work remotely.

Highlight episode: Joel Gascoigne, Co-Founder and CEO of Buffer

Side Hustle School

The ideal place to learn how to make some more money on the side without having to do anything too obtuse to get it. Great for finding actionable strategies and for finding niches that other might people haven’t tapped into yet. Ideal for finding that supplemental income without having to quit your job.

Highlight episode: Programmer Automates Profit With Birthday Reminders

The Tim Ferriss Show

With over 400 million episode downloads, this is rated as the #1 business podcast on all of Apple. Definitely a great solution for those who need help and advice in their worklife. It takes intelligent ideas which have found professional success, and breaks them down into enjoyable, useable work/life routines.

Highlight episode: Jason Fried — How to Live Life on Your Own Terms (#329)

Ben Greenfield Fitness

If you are looking to get into a better physical shape, then Ben Greenfield is a fella worth listening to. His podcast is massive and covers everything from enhancing your immune system to finding quality supplements and products to take. A veritable tome of information about getting into tip-top shape.

Highlight episode: A Day In The Life Of Ben Greenfield: Ben’s Exact Morning, Afternoon & Evening Routines

This is Your Life in Silicon Valley

A podcast that shows you just how things are in the Bay Area. It’s a fantastic place for you to learn all about what the reality of life here is. Touches on everything from start-up culture to the homelessness problem that can no longer be ignored.

Highlight episode: How Hard is It to be an Immigrant in the Silicon Valley

Without Fail

A smart range of conversations hosted by Alex Blumberg that give us some very interesting insights from the ‘doers’ of this world. A great way to learn about what works and, crucially, what fails. Filled with useful, actionable details you can easily use to help you learn and grow as a professional.

Highlight episode: From Hustling Dice to the Heights of Global Fashion: The Dapper Dan Story

Work and Life with Stew Friedman

Learn all about how to make the right kind of balance in your life from a best-selling author and a Wharton School professor. Talks about finding the best way to make your work life and your professional life bounce off one-another without losing focus on family, friends, community, and culture.

Highlight episode: Ep 158. Maggie Jackson: Productive Uncertainty

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Take better control of what you are doing in your life with the help of Adam Grant; an organisational psychologist. Great for those who want to make work more fun without having to take things out of your personal time. loaded with actionable tips, such as using criticism to your advantage.

Highlight episode: The real reason you procrastinate

Getting Things Done

The perfect product for those who lack productivity in their day-to-day lives. A fantastic solution to helping you get more out of your day-to-day approach to work and to life, making sure you can do more without feeling unhappy due to the causes that have helped you to become more productive.

Highlight episode: Episode #53 – An Overview of GTD

The Accidental Creative

A brilliant podcast for those who want to help become more prolific and more balanced in work and in life. Should give you some great ideas for harnessing your own internal creativity, with host Todd Henry giving you great information from both himself and his guests on what can help you to make the most of every working day.

Highlight episode: Three Life-Changing Daily Practices

The 5 AM Miracle

With 8+ million downloads, this is the ideal productivity podcast. If you feel like you tend to drag your heels and as a result don’t get anywhere near as much done as you would have wanted to, you should listen to this podcast.

It’s a treasure trove of useful details that you could really put to good work, ensuring that you can learn more and do more simply by making your day a lot more productive before you sit down to have some breakfast: great for those who are sick of sluggish starts to their day.

Highlight episode: 14 Lessons Learned Working Out 104 Days In a Row


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