Workflow is a collection of home office ideas and stories about people’s workspaces from around the world.

We talk to people from different careers and lifestyles about how they work and how they design their workspaces: from corporate offices to co-working spaces, study room to the kitchen bench.

Our Workflow series features conversations with startup founders, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, business leaders, designers, developers, and more about their daily routines, setting up their home office for productivity and how their workspace affects their creativity.

Aisling Colley, Deputy Head of Account Management at BMF Australia
Gabriel Wong, Director of Positive Good
Kate Lillian Muir, Founder & Director of a good plan group
Alice Rodgers, Account Director at PIM Group
Maria Gonzalez, Marketing Manager at Berkley Insurance Australia
Abbe Bradbury, Entrepreneur & Artistic Director
Jamie King, Co-Founder of Flex & Flow
Gareth Robinson, Co-Founder of Thriverapp
Jordan Hughes, Lead Designer at UpGuard
Karen Hollenbach, Founding Director of Think Bespoke
Stephanie Zhong, Founder of Dear Anne Media
Michael Alexis, CEO of Team Building
Catalina de León Belloc, Product Designer at Feedly
Vivienne Kruckow, Founder of Rust Creative
Ana Ferreira, Head of Design at Doist
George Hatzis, Product Designer
Megan Andrew, Freelance Writer & Content Creator
Genevieve Day, Founder & Director of Day Management
Laura Mehanna, Co-Founder of Sand Society
Courtenay McDermott, Event Manager at Aussie
Ashim Joshi, Founder of Jhola
Naama Noy, Project Manager at Fiverr
Michael Tamblyn, CEO at Rakuten Kobo
Scarlett Cooke, Senior Candidate Manager at Talent
Mark Uraine, Design Director at Automattic
James E! Walker, Graphic Artist, Designer, & Illustrator
Lauren Johnson, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Talent
Lauren Calvert, Founder & Director of The Well-Suited Group
Garreth Dorey, Co-Founder of NTWRK
Alex Muench, Product Designer at Doist
Sean DeLaney, Host of What Got You There Podcast
Linh Diep, Junior Account Director at Khemistry GrowthOps
Brooke B. Sellas, Founder & CEO of B Squared Media
Stephanie Eslake, Editor at CutCommon
Julien Viard, Managing Director at AllSquares
Victoria Butt, Founder & Managing Director of Parity Consulting
Elisabetta Torretti, Head of Partnerships at Healingclouds
Stuart Thursby, Founder & Creative Director at Stack Creative
Sherry Holub, Creative Director at JV Media Design
Jane Hutton, Communications & Marketing Director at thrive pr + communications
Sam Perryman, UX, UI & Product Designer
Rachel Segal, Director of Digital at Briteweb
Dulma Altan, Founder & CEO at Makelane
Jono Alderson, Special Ops at Yoast
Mia Klitsas, Founder & Director at Moxie
Samuel Williamson, Director of Marketing & Communications at Splitit
Hayden Bleasel, Director of Jellypepper
Beatrice Nacor, Community Manager at The Commons
Lisa Frederickson, Creative Director, Writer & Content Producer
Cathryn van der Walt, Director of 12Worlds
Rebekah Bek, UX Writer at Ahrefs
Fion Koh, Designer at ReflexGroup New York
Jordyn Christensen, Co-Founder of Centennial Beauty
David Sorauer, Director of Evolocity
Kalinda Atkinson, Freelance Digital Marketer
Sheila Knight, Director of Digital Marketing & Ops at Kira Systems
Shannon Ferguson, Co-Founder & CEO at FanSaves
David Chiem, Founder & CEO of MindChamps PreSchool
Suresh Raj, Chief Business Development Officer at Vision7 Communications
Annie Bacher, Copywriter, Strategist & Workshop Facilitator
Prachi Tyagi, Digital & Content Coordinator at Choice Hotels Asia-Pac
Sascha Moore, Director of Create Design & Marketing
Dee Khanduja (Allan), Director of 3C Synergy & Founder of Career Queenz
Sarah Goff-Dupont, Principal Writer at Atlassian
Jacqui Roth, Senior Brand Manager at Lion
Nimarta Verma, Brand Strategist at Nimarta Verma
Dan Kim, Android Programmer at Basecamp & Hello Weather
Jessica Middleton, Founder & Creative Director of Sunstone Studio
Jessica Becker, Managing Partner of Manifest New York
Jules Brooke, Founder of Handle Your Own PR
Anthony Caruana, CEO & Co-Founder of Media-Wize
Russ Macumber, General Manager at Impressive Digital USA
Mel Johnstone, Strategy Director at Splendid Suggestions
Jessica Arvela, Co-Founder of Project Everest Ventures
Ishtar Schneider, Associate Director at Edelman London
Corey Ginnivan, Designer and Developer
Sarah Fritz, Founder of Yes Queen + Co-Founder of St Dakota
Andrew McDade, Managing Director of Andpeople Australia
Dr Karen Sutherland, Lecturer & Program Coordinator
Catherine Ngo, Founder & CEO of Keynoteworthy
Dean McPherson, Co-Founder of Paperform
Bianca De Candia, Senior Client Partnerships Manager
Lisa Cugnetto, Freelance Writer, Editor & Content Producer
Wendy Zhang, Brand & Marketing Manager at Relationships Australia NSW
Joey Nguyen, Co-Founder of Venntifact
Marina Vasilieva, Creative Art Director at Host/Havas
Ryan Cooper Henniker, Senior Global Brand & Cultural Communications Partner
Uka Battulga, Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley
Richard Laycock, Insights Editor at
Victoria Coker, Founder of Black Web Fest
Brendan Marsh, Agile & Org Coach at Product Space
Oliver Gaywood, Senior Editor at Civic Web Media
Quila Cervelli, Global Employer Branding Manager at RMIT University
Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO of Marketing to Mums
Andy Bowie, Founder of My Auto Shop
David Kadavy, Author & Podcast Host of Love Your Work
Veronica Nguyen, Marketing Assistant
Luke Course, Founder & Director of Regional Billboard Co.
Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager & Leadership Coach
Ross Floate, Creative and Strategy Director at We Are You
Anne Miles, Managing Director of Suits&Sneakers
Jessica Li, Investor at Soma Capital
Brian “Z” Zisook, Editor-in-Chief at DJBooth
Amanda Jones, Chief Marketing Officer
Stacey Bedford, CEO of Bandzoogle
Rich Harley, Creative Director at littleBIG Marketing & PR
Jonathan McFarlane, Co-founder of PlaceOS
Andrew Bruce Smith, Director of Escherman
Peta Sarlos, Head of People & Culture at Kolmeo
Chase Warrington, Head of Business Development at Doist
Rebecca Kingsford, CEO & Co-Founder at Create Careers
Brianna Cooper, Head of UX Research & Design at Jhola
Ellen Chisa, Co-Founder & CEO of Dark
Sarah Tan, Visual & Augmented Reality Designer
Penny Talalak, UX/UI Design Consultant at Servian
Alice Clark, Director of Oomf Recruitment
Yasmin Sanders, Founder & Director of Zipp Media Solutions
Costas Perkas, Sales Director at Worldwide Business Research
Sharon Melamed, Founder of Matchboard
Anthony Mitchell, Chief Potential Officer of Bendelta
Kate Browne, Managing Editor at Finder Australia
Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO
Millie Cooper, Graphic & Web Designer
Vijay Shankar, Co-Founder of Freshworks
Lisa Teh, Founder & Director of CODI Agency
Jefferey Spivey, Freelance Copywriter & Editor
Stuart Hipwell, Creative Director at Mindjam
Alejandra Cerball, Journalist, Writer, Travel + Lifestyle Blogger
Elli Byrne, Freelance Graphic & Illustration Designer
Morris Bryant, Partner at Sparro
Nathan Murphy, Co-founder of QuizBreaker
Claudia Flannery, Today Show Social Media Producer
Donna-Claire Chesman, Managing Editor of DJBooth
Diony McPherson, Co-founder & COO at Paperform
Patrice K. Cokley, Owner of The Bassline Group
Chelsey Wayte Kaffka, Founder & CEO
Jeff Sanders, Founder of Jeff Sanders Productions
Emmaline Parry, Co-Founder of Mirrored Horizons
Bianca Librandi, Founder of White November Jewellery
Lisa Johannsen, Event Director at DMSS Conference
Isabella Hynes, Director of Arch Rivals Marketing
Tricia Liverpool, Founder & Managing Director of Leo Harper
Dan Agostino, Head of Design at The Brand Agency Perth
Dolli Taylor, Founder & Director of SPEAR
Dan Reed, Head of Digital and Platform Delivery
Gini Dietrich, Founder & Author of Spin Sucks
Michael Dart, Executive General Manager
Vivian Wong, Digital & Production Marketing Manager
Angie Stavros, Group Sales Manager at PodcastOne Australia
Emily May Gunawan, Content Producer at iD Collective
Debs Majumdar, General Manager, Product at GroupM
Calvin Rosser, Director of Business Operations at Mechanism Ventures
Rochelle Courtenay, Founder & Managing Director of Share the Dignity