Workflow with Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager & Leadership Coach

In this edition of Workflow, we have Buffer Engineering Manager and Leadership Coach, Marcus Wermuth, talking about black coffee, long lunch breaks and jazzy hip hop.

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Describe what you do: I’m an Engineering Manager at Buffer, we are a fully distributed company building a platform to help companies build their brands online. On the side I am also doing Leadership Coaching, and writing on my book, that hopefully will be ready soon.

How do you like your coffee: Filter coffee definitely black, and every other type without sugar.

Device(s) you use: Most of the time a MacBook Pro 16″ connected to a 4k Asus Monitor, iPad Pro (for on the go), iPhone X

Describe your working style in one sentence: Due to our distributed nature my mornings start with catching up on what happened and checking in with APAC team members, most of the time I also use it to write and work on heads down tasks.

I have a long lunch break that I use for personal stuff, and then start into the afternoon until evening to collaborate and chat with team members in the US.

What does your workspace look like: My MacBook Pro is connected to one big monitor that I only sometimes use, mostly for video calls as my webcam is on top of the monitor. I have a Mic on a boom arm, and two Elgato Key Lights, to create the best video call settings possible. A glass of water and normally also a cup of coffee are next to that.

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: Jazz Hip Hop by Johnny Jazzmatazz.

Who would you like to nominate for the next workflow interview: My friend Laïla von Alvensleben.

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