Workflow with Millie Cooper, Graphic & Web Designer at Design by Mouse

In this edition of Workflow, we have graphic & web designer Millie Cooper talking to us about not being a coffee drinker (what?!) and the freelance lifestyle.

Workflow is an interview series by Balance the Grind to get a glimpse into people’s working styles and workspaces. If you’re interested in sharing your workflow, submit it here!

Describe what you do: I’m the founder of Design by Mouse, a graphic and web design business that services any size of business from startups to big corporations. On the side, I am a dog mum to @mini_theodore and heavily involved in a pet startup, Baxta.

How do you like your coffee: Controversially, I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m more of an OJ gal.

Device(s) you use: 15-inch Macbook Pro with a second monitor.

Describe your working style in one sentence: Every day is so different with meetings, travel etc however the most consistent things are mornings spent seeing what emails came in overnight and sending out any work that needs to be done. Throughout the day I receive emails from clients with new jobs or feedback and then the afternoon/night is spent working on those jobs.

What does your workspace look like: My Macbook Pro is my life. It doesn’t go anywhere without me, so that’s front and centre. I usually have a secondary screen for emails so I can quickly see any new emails that pop in. I read those to see if they are ‘quick wins’ or if they require more thinking after whatever I’m currently working on.

How does your workspace affect your creative process: Being in a relaxing, non-fuss environment for me makes me my most creative. I usually have music playing as I find that makes the my creative process better. Lots of desk space for spreading documents, reading etc. Natural light is 100% critical so I have lots of skylights and big windows around. Calming, light-filled, music playing kind of vibes gets the brain going.

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: Stumbled across Byron Bay which has all the classic chilled tunes.

Who would you like to nominate for the next workflow interview: Elli Byrne, from Elli B Design.

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