Workflow with Emmaline Parry, Co-Founder of Mirrored Horizons

In this edition of Workflow, we have Emmaline Parry, Co-Founder of Mirrored Horizons, about different working environments and the importance of natural lighting.

Workflow is an interview series by Balance the Grind to get a glimpse into people’s working styles and workspaces. If you’re interested in sharing your workflow, submit it here!

Describe what you do: We don’t like to call ourselves ‘coaches’ at Mirrored Horizons, we’re empowerment consultants! Mirrored Horizons develops meaningful solutions for both personal and professional benefit.

With over 20 years of corporate experience across diverse industries our team applies its skills and knowledge in Human Resources, Psychology, Operations, Strategy Development, Project and Change Management to drive empowerment and engagement.

Through observation, powerful questioning and exploration, we empower individuals and businesses to achieve greater alignment and make the necessary changes to find fulfillment and drive superior results.

How do you like your coffee: Look I’d like to say it’s something more fancy but for me it’s a “Skinny latte, please!”.

Device(s) you use: My trusted surface pro (I carry it everywhere)! When we’re not navigating through a pandemic, I have a spacious desk with a monitor that I connect my surface pro to!

Both Jules (my business partner) and I think creatively when we have space and freedom, so we often turn to huge whiteboards, sheets of paper or blackboards to do our conceptual brainstorming. Perhaps seen to be “old school”, but it works!

Describe your working style in one sentence: Jules and I know that we work best when we’re functioning at our best; this means, we exercise, clean our workspaces, and get anything out of the way that may be a distraction to us before we get stuck into our productive work!

What does your workspace look like: When we’re in our office (pre Coronavirus) we had spacious, clean desks often with post-it notes stuck on the walls around us with tasks or our commitments scribbled on them!

As consultants, we are fortunate enough to find ourselves working in many different working environments when we visit our clients. Our only ask is that we have natural light and space. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped in an overcrowded dark boardroom! That’s NOT for us and we have seen it work against teams’ productivity and hinder their ability to concentrate before!

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: Chilled Hits on Spotify has been my go to of late! I’ve been craving some zen during this WHF period!

Who would you like to nominate for the next workflow interview: Let’s hear from my business partner shall we? Julia Strangio-McRae. She’ll certainly have some gems of wisdom around balancing home schooling and working from home at the moment!

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