Workflow with J.C. Hiatt, Full Stack Developer

In this edition of Workflow, we have full stack developer J.C. Hiatt talking about juggling his side hustles, doing deep work first thing in the morning, and keeping his mini fridge fully stocked.

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Describe what you do: I’m full stack developer at a mid-sized e-commerce company. On the side, I also run:

  • DevLifts, a remote fitness coaching company for developers
  • RemoteJS, a remote events company focused on hosting accessible JavaScript talks, workshops, and conferences

How do you like your coffee: Black typically, drinking calories makes me fat!

Device(s) you use: Two 15″ Macbook Pro’s (1 for day job, 1 for everything else), iPhone X

Describe your working style in one sentence: I typically tackle my deep work first thing in the morning — a 4-hour stretch of uninterrupted work goes a very long way! After lunch, I’ll have a mixture of meetings and deep-ish work for the afternoon, depending on the day. By 3 or 4pm, I’m usually ready to take a break and go train in the gym or jiu jitsu. At some point after dinner and time with wifey, I’ll put a little extra time in if needed.

What does your workspace look like: I have an Able Co. sit/stand desk, a 34″ LG Ultrawide monitor, and an arm stand for my Macbook Pro (which ever one I’m using depending on the time of day). I also have a whiteboard for quick brainstorming and keeping a running task list for the day.

Also in my space is a mini fridge fully stocked with beer (mostly my favorite, Lagunitas IPA), White Claw, and Bang, and I also have a 55″ TV for Call of Duty. I enjoy my office even more at night, when my Phillips Hue lights set the mood and make it a party.

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: Such a hard question! My default is always metalcore or punk (or related genres) — Spotify makes my Daily Mix playlists for me — but even as I’m writing this I have the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify playing (it’s beautiful!).

I’ve also really been digging the 80’s Retro Wave POWER playlist on Spotify. Occasionally — especially in the summer — I’ll head over to one of my favorite sites on the web: Poolside FM.

Who would you like to nominate for the next workflow interview: My friend Ken Wheeler.

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