Workflow with Michael Dart, Executive General Manager, Community, Customer and Corporate Affairs at Energy Queensland

In this edition of Workflow, we have Michael Dart, the Executive General Manager of Community, Customer and Corporate Affairs at Energy Queensland.

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Describe what you do: I’m the Executive General Manager, Community, Customer and Corporate Affairs for Energy Queensland a $25B energy company including the brands of Energex, Ergon Retail and Yurika. I am the Chief Customer Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

I am responsible for leading customer, community, stakeholder engagement, brand, marketing, media, internal communications, digital communications and investor relations strategies for Energy Queensland.

How do you like your coffee: Flat white on Macadamia Milk. ( Did you know Bundaberg is the highest producing macadamia region in Australia)

Device(s) you use: HP Windows laptop, iPad mini for quick news, social access and Diligent for Board papers, iPhone 11.

Describe your working style in one sentence: A like to work fast while keeping connected to give contemporary input to strategic discussions and issues – advocating for what I believe in to give a picture of the future for our people.

In a role where each day is different and unknown, I like to get the strategy and thinking part of the day down early. Coffee and a quick glance through news media and any customer issues is first up.

With work from home there has been an increase in meetings, ironically, but that has started to rebalance, so I spend that time developing the team and checking in to keep the team connected from Cairns to Coolangatta. While the children were learning from home, we needed to ensure there were plenty of breaks and opportunities to resets – How amazing are teachers!

What does your workspace look like: My main device is a laptop. I work a lot off my iPhone for quick messages across a large workforce and stakeholder group. I also have to have sticky notes nearby to make notes and keep hot issues at hand.

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: Because I have been cast in the role of Sam Carmichael (played by Pierce Brosnan) in the musical version of Mamma Mia, I do have a bit of ABBA on rotation. Along with a bit of 80’s and Chill Out. I share my Spotify with my 13 year old daughter so there is some Katy Perry, Tay Tay and Shawn Mendes thrown in!

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