Workflow with Stuart Thursby, Founder & Creative Director at Stack Creative

In this edition of Workflow, we have Stuart Thursby, founder & creative director at Stack Creative talking about wearing multiple hats while running an agency.

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Describe what you do: I’m the Founder & Creative Director of Stack Creative. We’re a creative agency based in Toronto with our roots in branding, design, and websites. We’ve been around since early 2018, and our clients include Mars-Wrigley, World Vision, Mother Raw, The Moment, Wattpad, and many more!

How do you like your coffee: Milk and sugar.

Device(s) you use: A 16″ Macbook Pro, with an external monitor at both home and the office.

Describe your working style in one sentence: It’s an agency, so every day is a little different! We’re also currently at the scale where I’m wearing several hats – creative director, account manager, new business, team management, and owner stuff – so each day is a lot of variety to it, to be sure.

What does your workspace look like: My “office” is a desk within the space of two other agencies here in the Distillery District of Toronto. However, during the times of COVID (and 1-2x per week before then as well), my home office is simply a desk within my bedroom.

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: No specific playlist, but you can’t throw any late-00s-to-mid-10s indie rock at me without me enjoying it.

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